Auto Backwash Filter Manufacturers

Our Advantage

High strength filter element with longer service life.

Compact design and large flow rate to save the installation space.

Automatic Backwash Filter, Automatic Backwash Filters, Auto Backwash Filter Marine.

Highly reliable automatic control system and visually interface to control the filter with actual onsite condition.

Automated consecutive online filtration without flow interruption during back-washing,reducing downtime and maintenance cost.

Auto Backwash Filter Manufacturers


Automatic Backwashing Filter is a compact, high efficiency and extensive flow rate backwashing filter system which can remove solid particles from all kind of water and liquid with low viscosity. It can protect the downstream equipment from clogging, wearing and fouling, thus improving the operational efficiency and service life.

Auto Backwash Filter Manufacturers

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Automatic Backwashing Filter can be equipped with different amount of elements to provide maximum filtering area in each filter housing. This makes the filter to have the smallest pressure loss when working.

Auto Backwash Filter Manufacturers

Circulating cooling water, chilling tower water, spray water, hydro-acupuncture water, sealed water, seawater, lake water, reservoir water, underground water, pond water, cooling agent, heat exchange water, oilfield reinjection water, cleaning agent, cleaning water, etc.

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Auto Backwash Filter Manufacturers


Where is your factory?

We have three factories in Sichuan, Hebei, Jiangsu. Because the difference of customer locations, raw material price, factory wages and other considerations. In this way, we can provide the best quality product with lower cost.

Do you have a certification?

Yes. we have ISO/CE/BV/SGS/TUV certificate and patent certificate.

How about the delivery time?

Usually 1-15 days after prepayment is confirmed.

Do you have a design team?

Yes, we have. Providing drawing, electric drawing and others.

What is your payment?

T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal.

Can you provide certificate of origin?

yes, we can provide CO as well as FORM E, FOEM F and etc.

Can you accept OEM?

Yes, we could do OEM for you.

Can you send me a sample?

Yes.1-3 days for delivery.

Auto Backwash Filter Manufacturers

Our Service

Professional Pre-sale

Filtration method and
equipment recommendation.


Free CAD or 3D
drawing provided.


Free phone call.

Complete Service
During Sales

On time delivery.


Equipment inspection
by photo or video.


Secure and standard
package provided.

After Sales Service

Installation assist by
phone call or video.


Free accessories provide
for maintenance.


Engineer sent for
solving onsite problem.