Screw Press

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Large capacity, high efficiency and small occupying space.

Compact structure, easy operation and maintenance.

High TDS and saltwater tolerance Chemical treatment flexibility.

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Screw Press


Screw Press is mainly designed for the purpose of dewatering the organic sludge. It reaches the goal of extrusion dewatering sludge by the powerful extrusion pressure of changing the screw diameter and distance, and the tiny spacing between movable annular plates and fixed annular plates.

screw press

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Working Process
Flow control tank:Sludge feed is regulated with the overflow pipe, returning excess volume to the sludge storage tank.
Flocculation tank: Polymer flocculant and sludge are stirred and mixed, forming floc suitable for the volute screw press. Then, the built-in thickener in the tank instantly thicken the sludge.
Cylinder unit: Sludge is further thickened in the thickening zone of the cylinder, and then the inner pressure increased at the dewatering zone helps sludge being dewatered well.
Discharge outlet for dewatered cake:Further pressure is applied from the outlet side with the end plate, discharging dewatered case with 20+-5% solid content.

screw press screw press

-Municipal water and wastewater treatment plants.
-Agricultural/fishery community wastewater treatment plants
-Industrial waste treatment plants
-Food/beverage production plants
-Dairy farming/Meat processing plants
- Chemicals manufacturing plants
-Machinery manufacturing/Metal processing plants
-Laundry wastewater
-Other (paper manufacturing, building material manufacturing, oilfield associated water accompanied with crude oil mining, etc. )

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Screw Press

Wastewater from tannery plant


ProductVolute Screw Press


ApplicationWastewater from tannery plant

Advantages 1. Using Scope Widely
2. Cannot be Clogged Easily
3. Operating Continuously and Automatically
4. Low Operation Costs

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Screw Press

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screw press screw press screw press