Bag Filter Housing

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Solid wooden packaging.

Mature technology of bag filter.

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Stainless Steel Bag Filter Housing, Bag Filter Housing .

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Perfectly welding and polishing by our experienced welder, ensuring strong structure as well as elegant appearance.

Bag Filter Housing


JX Filtration has been manufacturing bag filter housing for many years. Bag Filter Housing is also known as Bag Filter Vessel and Industrial Filter Housings, Stainless Steel Bag Filter Housings.

Bag Filter Housing

Bag Filter Housing consists of filter body, filter bag, stainless steel mesh, etc. The filter bag is supported by the stainless steel mesh inside. The liquid flows into the chamber via the inlet and goes through the filter bag.

Then the liquid permeates the filter bag to obtain qualified liquid while the impurities are blocked in the filter bag. The filter bag can be reused repeatedly after washing or cleaning. And also, the filter bag is easy to change. With no material consumption, this filter has a low operation cost.

Bag Filter Housing

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Working Principle

The raw material, in the effects of stress, through the filter bag. Amounts of particles will be intercepted and retained in multi-filter bags. Filtrate along metal bearing a basket with netting on top wall outflow through the outlet and achieve the filter's purpose. The filter bags could be reusable after washing and cleaning, and filtering different size particles by changing other slot size filter bags.

Bag Filter Housing

Opening type
● Swing arms: handwheel cover opening design, widely used and most economical
● Quick Opening cover: mechanical hoop opening design(no bolt), easy and safe operation, time and labor-saving
● Spring-open cover: 105° Cover opening angle to avoid the trouble of insufficient space at the right and left.
● Rotating type cover: Balancing rotation at right and left to avoid the trouble of insufficient height space

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Higher capacity with small size;
Labor-saving: easy to replace filter bag, no need to clean the filter;
Cost-saving: filter bag can be used repeatedly after cleaning;
High precision: can be reached o.5μm;
Low leakage risk which ensures high filtering quality;
Energy-saving: high working pressure, low-pressure loss, and low operation cost;
Wide application, flexible use, and various installation method for choice;
Suitable for replacing a long time using filter bags;

Inlet/Oulet type
- Side-in & Side out;
- Side-in & bottom out;
- Bottom-in & bottom out.
Chemical Industry
Automobile Industry
Light Industry
Food Industry
Electroplating Industry, Etc.

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Bag Filter Housing


Where is your factory?

We have three factories in Sichuan, Hebei, Jiangsu. Because the difference of customer locations, raw material price, factory wages and other considerations. In this way, we can provide the best quality product with lower cost.

Do you have a certification?

Yes. we have ISO/CE/BV/SGS/TUV certificate and patent certificate.

How about the delivery time?

Usually 1-15 days after prepayment is confirmed.

Do you have a design team?

Yes, we have. Providing drawing, electric drawing and others.

What is your payment?

T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal.

Can you provide certificate of origin?

yes, we can provide CO as well as FORM E, FOEM F and etc.

Can you accept OEM?

Yes, we could do OEM for you.

Can you send me a sample?

Yes.1-3 days for delivery.

Bag Filter Housing

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